I love Paris in the Autumn when it's Red

The following is Quoted  from mireilleguiliano.com

"French Women don’t get Fat”

"Fall is a good time to reacquaint yourself with the classics especially if you’re over forty. A bit of extremely simple resistance training is a French woman’s answer to the hours of working aerobic machines that many American women favor. The French author Colette, with her proto-Pilates contraptions, was the first modern woman to work out. As I’ve said, short but focused intervals of exertion several times a week are all you need to be physically healthy. (The rest we do for our head.) A little goes a long way, so don’t let extremism overtake you. In the end, those who know how to stay fit while enjoying life come out ahead, mentally and physically".

It's also true you are what you eat I shall follow up on this subject from time to time.  ANNE

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bridges for general suppleness

and whichare so good for back pain. 

Do this every day and back pain will be just a bad memory soon  forgotten.  A